Don’t just plan it, tripit.

Tripit is an online service that keeps track of your flight and hotel reservations. You sign up for an account at and forward your trip confirmations to a special email address. A few minutes later you get a notification if the addition was successful.
When you login you can see your trips planned. It will show arrival and departure times for travel. It then shows your hotel check in and checkout times. It will even give you the current weather and most of all the site is accessible with screen reading software.

They have an iPhone ap that seems to be very accessible. When you click on the trip in question, you are presented with the information logically as you progress through your journey. IE first comes the departure for the flight, then the checkin for your hotel etc.

The reservations do not need to be booked by the same company, nore do you need to book the flight before the hotel. This doesn’t matter. You can forward multiple emails and the service seems to be able to figure it out and plan your trip accordingly. You can send trip details to specific people that might need to know your progress.

There is nothing worse then having 2 or 3 emails and not being able to remember what the confirmation number was or what hotel/flight number you need. Not to mention if you have multiple trips scheduled. There are lots of ios Android and windows phone apps that support the service.

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