Voip Services with Accessibility in mind.

Chris and Kim talk about Voip services they have used in the past and are currently using. –   – We even talk about the classco caller id units and ask the question, “Are there any other caller id units besides the classco units that announce over ca…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Start up and Enabling Talkback

In this episode, Chris and Kim perform an initial setup on Kim’s new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″: – Overall, Kim is very impressed with the speed and responsiveness of her new device! We hope you enjoy our adventure.

Bluetooth Speakers

In this podcast, Chris and Kim discuss three bluetooth speakers.  The PopRock MiniBoom, the Jawbone Jambox, and the Kakkoii WOW. РThey describe each speaker, share some of their experiences in using them,

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Enabling Accessibility

In this podcast, Kim Loftis joins the Mystic Access Podcast. We unbox the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. We enable accessibility and set up the tablet. – After the podcast was complete I figured out I skipped over the option to have slide and lift enabled when…

Remembering the CD3O Network MP3 Player

In this podcast I remember the CD3o MP3 Player by playing a demo I recorded in 2005.  It just goes to show how far we have come and the products that are no longer around that were ahead of their time.

VIP 3000 Talking Thermostat

In episode 69 of the Mystic Access podcast, I demonstrate the VIP 3000 Talking thermostat from talkingthermostats.com. I purchased mine from speaktomecatalog.com