Our Favorite Assistive Technology Past, Present and Future, and We Want Your Feedback

In this episode, Chris and Kim discuss the assistive technology that they’ve been enjoying the most in recent weeks. Chris has been browsing Cyberspace while listening to his Triple Talk speech synthesizer. He shares some of the history of the hardware, as well. Chris shares why he’s so excited to get his hands on the newly-released Trekker Breeze + GPS hardware from Humanware.

Kim shares about her heavy recent use and adoration of the Ivona text to speech voices. She also praises her first generation Brailliant 40 braille display, and shares why she loves using it so much. There is also a discussion of the soon-to-be-released Smart Beetle braille display from Hims Inc., which Kim is longing to own.

Kim also discusses her newly re-inspired compulsion to work out thanks to the wonderful audio workout programs found at Blind Alive. She shares about the ever-so-cute weights and high-quality stability ball that she just purchased.

Finally, Kimm and Chris request your feedback as they create their training packages for the Mystic Access site, and thank you for your support of their work.

We hope you enjoy this eclectic episode, and that you’ll check out some of the great products we’ve shared about here.

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