Identifying Your feathered Friends with The BirdTunes Family of Apps

It this episode, Kim gives a tour of the BirdTunes app for IOS. There are three apps in the BirdTunes family; BirtTunes Lite which is free and includes songs, calls and photos of 24 bird species, BirdTunes Basic which is $1.99 and includes 135 bird species from the eastern U.S., and what Kim calls the “Big Brother version”, BirdTunes, which is $9.99, and includes 674 species of birds from across the U.S. All versions of this app are completely accessible with Voiceover.
More to Explore
Visit Lang Elliottand explore more of his offerings, created with the support of Mother Nature.

Check out the SongFinder a digital birdsong hearing aid for those with high-frequency hearing loss. co-developed by Lang.

If you are a BARD member, you can download “A Birdsong Tudor for Visually Handicapped Individuals” which I mention in the podcast.

Through Father’s Day (June 21), you can use the coupon code “dad” at checkout at MysticAccess.comto save 10% site-wide.

Please listen until the end for details about our current contest, where you can enter to win a $25 gift card to Amazon.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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