Tek Talk Presentation The Power and Affordability of VOIP for Home and Business

Chris and Kim of Mystic Access have been enjoying utilizing VOIP phone services for work and home use for years.  In this presentation, they are excited to introduce you to the power, affordability and rich feature-sets of their favorite VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services.  Topics of discussion will  include:

What is VOIP and why should you even consider it?
What is required to get started using VOIP?

The accessibility of setting up and managing a VOIP service independent of sight.

Why use VOIP when you already have cell service?

Chris and Kim will briefly touch on each of the VOIP services they have used over the years, which include 8×8, Ring Central, Phone.com and Phone Power.¬† They will discuss their two favorite VOIP services, Voipo and Viatalk in great detail, and will focus on the accessibility, rich features and ease of use of these services.
Ready to discover the possibilities to be found with VOIP?  Chris and Kim look forward to sharing with you.

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