Of Brots, bells, and braille

In this episode Chris, Kim and Lisa talk about some things from Speak to me catalog.  The first is a hot dog steamer that barks when the hot dogs are done.  The second is a coffee cup that makes bird sounds.  Both can be found in the Kitchen category at speaktomecatalog.com.

They next talk about the importance of podcast show notes and that links to products services etc. mentioned can be located from within the notes for the specific episode.

They talk about the upcoming web site redesign that will be happening for mysticaccess.com.


Lisa tells us the reason for why she came up with the episode title.  There is a reason for Bells, listen and find out.

Finally they announce the ability of the VarioUltra Braille display class that will begin in January of 2017.  Stay tuned for more details.


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