Beanbags, a Phone and Mailbox Alerts

In this episode Kim and Lisa remind us about the VarioUltra and Orbit Reader 20 comparison class on the 31st of August 2017. To learn more about the Mystic Access free classes click here. Kim tells us the “web site your way WordPress class is closed but you can join the waiting list by visiting the product page. Joining the waiting list doesn’t guarantee a spot in the next class, it just lets you know when the product is available for purchase.

Chris tells us about his [amazon text=Chill Bag Memory Foam Bean Bag Lounger&asin=B00P21UUA2] and Kim tells us about her beanbag chair.
Lisa talks about the [amazon text=Gusto-3 phone from Samsung.&asin=B005JQQRD4]

Chris finally wraps up by talking about and demonstrating two mailbox alert products. [amazon text=the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 Wireless Mail Alert System&asin=B00103FDDU] and the [amazon text=Lion Defense Wireless Mailbox Alert System&asin=B071F5DJDH] These can assist with preventing theft from your mailbox.

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