Introducing My Brothers And Sisters

In this episode, we begin by announcing the availability of two new products. Discovering Terrific TV Content for Less — Cutting The cord with Blindness or Low Vision, our cord cutting virtual event series, is now a home study product for anyone to purchase. It includes over five hours of content on everything from apps to livecontent, and so much more. There are also plenty of demonstrations to assist you in finding the cord cutting options that may work best for you.

While preparing for our cord cutting class, Chris and Kim created Entertainment in a Small Box — A Tour of the Roku Streaming Device. This is an overview and demonstration of the accessibility features of the Roku family of set top boxes. Similar to an Apple TV or Fire TV, you may use the Roku devices to stream video content, listen to music and podcasts, and so much more. This is a Pay Your Own Price product so that you can discover the benefits of this entertainment device without cost being an inhibiting factor.

It is approaching summertime in the northern hemisphere. In the spirit of keeping cool, Chris does an unboxing of the [amazon text=Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer.&asin=B000RL3UJA] Please note: If you purchase from this link, we receive a small commission. Chris describes the unit and remote control. This is a 42 inch tower fan that is pleasantly quiet and does a nice job cooling the air.

Next, Lisa demonstrates Text Replacement in iOS. This is an easy way to insert repetitive text on the iPhone. The same information would apply for those with iPads or iPod touches.

Kim rounds out the podcast by demonstrating the wonderful text to speech voices from Cereproc. Many people wanted to know more about Cereproc after hearing our phone catalog voice. Learn more about Cereproc, and how you can purchase their voices for your own computer. You can purchase Cereproc voices for Windows, Mac and Android.

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