A Cacophony of Braille

We begin this episode by thanking the participants of our first live iOS module. Lisa provided a terrific presentation, and we’re looking forward to upcoming modules! You can learn all about what we have coming up, and register for your seat by visiting this link. All calls are recorded if you’re unable to attend live, and you’ll save on your registration cost by purchasing three or more modules.

Speaking of great live content, our next free live event will be held on Thursday, July 26. If you’ve ever struggled with downloading files or documents to your computer, or couldn’t find them after you’d downloaded them, this class will be full of discovery for you. We’ll be talking about downloading via different browsers and how said browsers behave, and will leave plenty of time for your questions after the presentation. This is Part One in a two-part event series, so if you enjoy this one, you’ll likely wish to check out our free August event, as well. To get all the joining details, be sure that you’re subscribed to our Events mailing list.

The highlight of this episode is our fun and informative interview with Amy Billman of Speed Dots. Learn about the tactile iOS screen protectors the company has available, how they’re created and how they may greatly enhance your experience using your iDevice. For more information, visit the Speed Dots website.

We hope you enjoy this episode. If you have a friend or colleague whom you feel would benefit from our podcast or products / services, please spread the word. Thanks for being part of our community.

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