In with The New

Happy New Year from the team… you’ll be receiving this episode on New Year’s Day. And, yes, we prerecorded it. LOL

We begin by reminding you that you still have time to register for our newest batch of iOS modules. Learn more and sign up at this link, or give us a call to order the modules of your choice.

Next, we enter the castle to visit with Gwen Givens, a Mystic Access customer and passionate Aira Explorer. We’ve been hearing a lot about Aira lately from the company’s perspective, but we wanted to talk to an Explorer about her experiences and how using Aira has transformed her life. We know you’ll enjoy hearing about Gwen’s powerful experiences, in her own words.

Looking for a useful Aira accessory? Lisa closes us out by comparing and contrasting two pouches, [amazon text=this one from Amazon,&asin=B01KYCQDUO] and another one she received from Guidelights and gadgets.

We look forward to sharing lots of useful goodies with you in 2019… welcome, and thanks for being part of our community.

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