The Great Purse Change

After welcoming you to the podcast, we provide a demonstration of how to apply points to your order. We also answer questions about adding your birthday and the updated BrailleNote Touch. We also tell you a little about upcoming iOS modules. These are not yet ready for pre-order, but should be shortly.
Our free class for February is called We Are the Music Makers, and is all about free and paid music subscription services. You can join our Events list from the main page of our site to receive announcements and the information you will need to join.
Barry Sheur of GuideLights and Gadgets joins us to discuss the iWalk Power Bank and included audio tutorial. You can visit our GuideLights and Gadgets Collaborations Page to view all new items.
Then, Lisa demonstrates the [amazon text=EarBuddyz,&asin=B019BU38N0] and Chris talks about two products: the [amazon text=i-Rocks IRK27WF-BK Biometric Fingerprint Reader USB Keyboard&asin=B07DM8BRBY] and the [amazon text=AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable – A-Male to A-Female – 6 Feet (2 Pack.)&asin=B014RWATK2]

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