The Towers of The Big Four

If you’re ready to ditch your expensive cell service plan, or are researching cheaper alternatives, you may enjoy our first discussion in this episode. We talk about what to look for in a cell phone plan, including accessibility factors. we talk specifically about our experiences with Straight Talk Wireless, which Kim uses for her monthly cell service. IN addition to the affordability and reliability of the service, one of Kim’s favorite features is the huge number of text codes available for easily discovering and modifying your service features. To demonstrate this, Chris uses a text code to change his Straight Talk phone number.

If you like what you hear and want to make the switch to Straight Talk, get a Straight Talk sim card with the parent carrier which provides the best coverage in your area, sign up for the service, join the Rewards program, and enter the referral code: OJDQ-8339 within fourteen days of activation to receive points you may then redeem for a free month of service. Please note that this is Kim’s personal referral code, so she’ll get points she may redeem for a free month, too). Straight Talk requires no contracts, so you may cancel your service at any time.

We then turn to a discussion of one of Kim’s favorite new purchases, the [amazon text=Paww Silk headphones.&asin=B07GV8D7Y8] The ladies, in particular, may enjoy these, as they can serve as a headband in addition to providing excellent sound and useful speech prompts at a great price. Kim loves to work out in them, too, as they won’t easily move once they’re on your head. Plus, did Kim mention they’re cute? ?

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