Mystic Access Gratitude Edition

We begin this episode by sharing about our November free event, our last actual class of 2019. We hope you’ll join us to learn about how you can support small business owners, artists and artisans by learning about a few of our favorite things… in this case, a few of our favorite sites. If you miss the live class, which is always announced on our free events mailing list, it will be archived in a week or two on our free downloads page for your listening pleasure.

Keep listening to learn about our Black Friday discounts, and important info about shipping costs and the ability to purchase digital gifts for your loved ones. We also discuss a very special four-hour virtual open house that we’re holding on November 29, Black Friday. It’s free to attend, and we know a grand time will be had by participants. We’ll be playing games, giving out prizes, and sharing a lot of laughter and fun. This event will be very casual and informal, and will not be recorded.

Have you ever wished you could order Thanksgiving dinner online, either to cut down on your prep time, because there are only a couple of you, or due to the convenience factor? You may have several other reasons for wanting to do this, and this article shares multiple sites from which you can purchase the Thanksgiving meal.

Other fun elements of today’s episode include a great seasonal food app demo from Lisa, a serious moment of gratitude from Chris and Kim, and a very special guest who you won’t want to miss! Enjoy!

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