A Braille Label On My Phone

We have a jam-packed episode for you this time around. Chris begins by providing a tour of an incredibly useful Outlook extension called Bells and Whistles. If you’re an Outlook user, or have considered making the switch to Outlook, you’ll enjoy learning about this diverse tool. We especially recommend this one for busy professionals who send lots of group email.

Next, we talk about Chris’s new iPhone SE 2020. How does it differ from his old iPhone 8? What does he like best about it so far? If you’re considering a new phone, we hope our conversation about this one proves helpful.

In a recent podcast episode, we reviewed the Sirius XM app. If you just don’t like it for whatever reason, we received a recommendation for an alternative from a recent event participant. The app is called StarPlayrX, and costs $0.99 on iTunes. It provides a clean, intuitive interface for browsing stations and listening to streams. We show the layout and discuss a couple possible drawbacks.

Finally, Chris is excited to talk about and demo his new Amazon smart oven. He discusses his setup experience, air fries some steak fries, and we end with a few safety tips.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode. Thanks for listening!

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