Crazy Convention sales

Today’s episode invites you to get social with us, learn about some new products, and participate in our craziest convention season sales ever. We begin by sharing about our upcoming open house on Thursday, July 16 between 1-5 PM Eastern Time. If you haven’t attended one of these soirees with us before, they’re a great opportunity to chat with us informally, learn more about Mystic Access, meet a lot of very nice people, and have some fun. If you’re subscribed to either of our mailing lists, you’ll receive the joining info when it’s available closer to the 16th. We’ll also be posting an article on our News page with the info included. We’d love to have you drop in to the party.

Remember that we have two new products available for pre-order. One is our audio documentation on the Amazon Fire tablets. If you love ordering from amazon, read a lot of Kindle books, or use Alexa extensively, you may have reason to love owning a Fire tablet. Our other audio documentation up for pre-order is on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. These provide the ability to stream your favorite TV shows or movies accessibly using your favorite services such as Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and so many others. They also include Alexa for even more fun. Neither of these products will be available until at least the end of August, but we’re allowing you to get your order in right now so that you can be the first to enjoy these upon release. You won’t be charged anything until the products are available.

After selling like hotcakes for the past couple weeks, our little phone sanitizer box appears to have been discontinued. Fortunately, though, we found a new phone sanitizer that has even more benefits. Of course, this one has voice prompts, too. We’ve updated the product audio documentation to reflect the new phone sanitizer. We hope you enjoy it.

The remainder of this episode is devoted to our many convention sales and specials. I’ll attempt to put a complete list here in the show notes within a day or two. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks, as always, for listening!

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