Stadium Girl

We begin today’s episode by discussing our upcoming July event. Because there’s so much to say, and we haven’t talked about this topic in so long, this will be part one of a two-part event. Part two will occur in August. we’re discussing the smart home; namely security, comfort and cooking in your home, and the appliances that can improve those areas or make them more convenient. Topics will include how to use, configure and otherwise enjoy relevant apps and hardware. To receive joining details for this event on July 29, make sure you’re on our Events mailing list, which you can subscribe to on any page of

Next, we update you on the Apple Watch bug we discussed previously, where the watch doesn’t speak after powering on the watch. Fortunately there is an easy solution, though it may annoy you, as it does us.

Finally, Kim demos the Mr. Dj PXBAT8 8 Inch 500 Watt Max Power Speaker. We tell the story of why we got it, discuss the pros and cons, and put this powerhouse through its paces. Did we mention there’s a cool free app to control it, available for both iOS and Android? We hope you enjoy this super fun demo.

As always, thanks for listening!

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