Between Eyeballs and Snow

Today’s episode begins with a very important announcement about audio documentation for the BlindShell Classic 2 phone. Many BlindShell customers have asked us about documentation, and we know how much you value audio instruction as part of your learning process. We’re truly sorry, and know many of you will be disappointed that isn’t available.

Please note that we aren’t having a free event for January. The month just got away from us as our calendar gradually filled with more and more projects, and we don’t want to offer you all a half-baked event. Stay tuned, however, as something fun is coming for February which we’ll announce in the next episode.

Our main topic for this time will either fascinate or gross you out. Chris discusses the SonicBrite Artificial Eye-Cleaning System. We demo how it sounds, and have a discussion about prosthetic eyes.

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Since we’ve been having some significant Winter weather up here in Western NY lately, Chris got something warm to cover his head while out in the snow. He describes his new toasty headgear. We definitely recommend this for anyone enduring a lot of snow.
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Speaking of snow, we end with a demo of our awesome new Snow Joe snow thrower which we first discussed in the previous episode. We recommend stereo headphones for the best listening experience. Kim thought Chris would enjoy using this gadget to clear snow, but she didn’t necessarily think we’d get 20 inches in one night within a couple weeks of buying it!

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  1. Hello.

    I just purchased the sonic bright artificial eye cleaning system.
    However I’m having a really hard time putting the batteries in.
    Any tips or how to do this would be very appreciated


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