Christmas Blizzard

Welcome to our last podcast of 2022. We begin by announcing the completion and immediate availability of the BlindShell audio documentation. What was suppose to be an eight-hour project became thirteen, and it’s jam-packed with content for both beginning and advanced users of the phone. Visit this page to read the extensive table of contents and purchase your own copy of the BlindShell documentation. It’s on sale through January 24 2023.

We devote the remainder of this episode to discussing how to prep for weather events, in winter and otherwise. This is especially important if, like us during this Christmas blizzard, you’re going to be stuck inside for several days. We talk about everything from planning ahead, managing power outages, getting supplies, generators, cleanup, and more, all with independence and accessibility in mind.

To learn more about the simple smoke alarm system we mentioned in this episode, check out Chris’s demo from this previous podcast.

We hope you’re enjoying your holidays, and wish you health, happiness and joy as we move into a new year! We look forward to sharing lots of new content with you in 2023. Thanks as always for your support, and for being a podcast listener. Happy New Year!

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