Flipping The Switch

Today’s episode includes two very different kinds of adventures.

First, Chris and Kim share about their recent tiny trip; a night away from home for a super quick break. We discuss everything from making our booking, our Lyft experience getting to lunch and the hotel, and the surprises we discovered along the way. While hopefully everyone will find this story fun, we hope it’ll be particularly helpful for those who wish to travel independently this spring and summer.

Next, a very different adventure awaits as we speak with HumanWare’s Mathieu Paquette about the new build of the Victor Reader Stream 3, released today. We also talk about the upcoming release of Mystic Access’s audio documentation for the product. Stay tuned to the podcast, our News page, and our newsletter, as those will be the first places we share to when the audio is available for download.

Thanks, as always, for listening and spreading the word about our offerings.


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