Pull the Curtain Back

We begin this episode by sharing some exciting news about our Stream 3 audio documentation. It will be released on Thursday, August 10. You’ll be able to download it at either support.humanware.com (and then go to the Stream 3 page), or mysticaccessdownloads.com in the HumanWare category. You may download in DAISY and/or MP3. The documentation is twelve and a half hours in duration.

We’re also holding a webinar about the new audio at 8:00 PM ET on August 10. Register for free to join us on this page. We’ll be joined by Mathieu Paquette of HumanWare, and will look forward to answering your questions.

Our main topic for this time is receiving accommodations when traveling to places such as museums, parks, etc. How do you receive assistance? What steps should you take in advance? We talk about some upcoming destinations we hope to visit in the next few weeks and how we’re working with those places to make sure we have fun visits while not frustrating the staff. There are ways to have a great visit while making sure both you and your assistant(s) have a smooth experience.

Thanks, as always, for listening. If you know others whom you think will enjoy the podcast, please pass on the recommendation with our appreciation.

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