Over the Moon

We have two demos in this episode that we hope will be useful and fun for you. First, Chris explains why he bought a pair of Bluetooth glasses and demos how they work with both the Stellar Trek from HumanWare and his iPhone 14 Pro. We show how they sound by a busy street, on a phone call, and more. To check out the WGP Smart Audio Glasses with Anti-Blue Light and Open Ear Speakers with Bluetooth Connectivity, please visit our Amazon affiliate link. We receive a small commission if you choose to order via this link.

Next, Kim has a super exciting update to share about the Philo streaming service. Not only does it offer about 70 channels for $25 monthly, but it also now includes audio description on some of its live channels. Visit Philo at this link. To learn more about the audio description Philo offers and how it works, visit this page in their Help center.

What content would you like us to cover in future episodes of the podcast? What do you want to hear more or less of? We’ll soon be offering polls on our site so you can share your thoughts. Our first one should be ready by our next episode and we’ll share a link in the show notes. In the meantime, thanks as always for listening and spreading the word. We appreciate you.

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