We’re excited to begin this episode by announcing that our first product of the year has been released! Staying Safe from Scams is a three and a half hour overview of the scams you may encounter, tactics scammers use to fool you, and how to prevent yourself from being scammed. We cover email, snail mail, website, phone, text, and romance scams. You’ll also learn about web tools and other strategies to help keep you safe. This documentation is specifically designed from a blindness perspective. The documentation also comes with a comprehensive resource list in .docx format to help you continue learning on your own. Learn more and purchase your copy here. This product is currently on sale, so take advantage of the lower price while it’s available. We can’t wait to share this info with you!

Next, we discuss an event we were hoping to attend this spring, and the sad reason we’re no longer going. This is a good example of how many folks don’t necessarily understand accessibility and usability needs. While we’re unhappy, we currently aren’t taking any further action, but wanted to share our experience with you.

We have a new Lasko space heater to demo for you. This is a link to the product on Target, as we can guarantee it’s the one we purchased. We discuss the front touch panel controls, the remote, and more. A highly recommended purchase for those with frigid winters, or even frigid rooms!

Finally, we talk about our experience using the UPS pickup service from DoorDash. Maybe this would be a good option for you to try, too.

Many thanks, as always, for listening! We appreciate you!

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