Goodbye Lightning

We begin this episode by updating you on Kim’s progress with her iPhone 14 Pro. Learn how she feels about it after several weeks of constant use, the surprising features she now enjoys, and whether she misses anything about her old iPhone SE. Find out her tricks for conquering Face ID and the home and app switcher gestures. We expand the discussion to talk about the Actions button on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Chris’s thoughts.

We’re excited to announce that a new front porch edition podcast is in our future. We’re returning to NC for part of April/May, and while our location will be different since we’ve sold our NC home, the fun will remain. Look forward to that episode coming up sometime in May or June.

Finally, we return to our Spectrum journey to discuss our experience setting up Spectrum internet, some cool braille finds that we didn’t expect, and more. We then dive into a discussion and demo of the Xumo streaming box, what it does and doesn’t do, a downside when connecting it to the internet, and our thoughts after a few days of using it to stream TV. Kim discusses the remote and gives a tour of some of the features you’ll find as part of the box, and you get to hear what the Voice Guide sounds like as we explore.

Thanks, as always, for listening!

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