Automatically Tuned

This episode is packed with demos we hope you’ll enjoy. Links included in this post are our affiliate links; if you make a purchase from them, we’ll receive a small commission. We never recommend items we don’t use and love ourselves.

If we sound a little different today, there’s a good reason. We bought some inexpensive but very nice-sounding microphones from LEVN to use as part of our podcasting toolkit. We discuss what we think makes them so neat. Here’s a link to check them out for yourself.

We next chat about the world of radio reading services. What makes them unique and how can you find those local to you? Listen to find out. And enjoy this list of services compiled by APH. Note that some links may be out of date as of the time of this writing.

If you’re traveling this summer, or just want some neat new gadgets to add to your life, you may enjoy some of our demos. We show you a small but mighty jewelry organizer that can double as storage for thumb drives and other small items, a bag for organizing your smaller tablets, cables, and electronics like Streams, soft and sturdy pouches for headphones, and our personal favorite, a foldable, fast, MagSafe charging station for iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods. If your Android phones supports wireless charging, this station should work for it, also. We absolutely love this handy device, and think you might, as well. Having taken one on a plane in carryon luggage, we can confidently say it’s awesome to travel with!

Thanks, as always, for listening. We appreciate you.

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