Superman is on The Sub

This action-packed episode begins with some updates. Chris shares an exciting announcement about AB Commander, a really cool file manager/explorer replacement that we discussed in our last episode. Kim also shares that the course-buying site she talked about last time, Udemy, regularly holds big sales where you can learn about topics of interest at amazing … Read more

Pull the Curtain Back

We begin this episode by sharing some exciting news about our Stream 3 audio documentation. It will be released on Thursday, August 10. You’ll be able to download it at either (and then go to the Stream 3 page), or in the HumanWare category. You may download in DAISY and/or MP3. The documentation … Read more

Remote Wars

In this episode we first discuss why the podcast is a little late this time. Next we discuss our new Roku TV and it’s accessibility. Finally we talk about the Qardio products. Thanks for being a podcast listener and enjoy the episode.

Book Browsing

In this episode Kim and Chris first talk about an update to the Stream 3 tutorial. Next we talk about convention sales at Mystic Acces with two updates. We spend most of the episode in the castle speaking with Kesel Wilson of National Braille Press about their summer pics.

Super Cool

In this episode of the podcast we start with our free event that is being held on Thursday June 15. The event is how to stay safe from scammers. Activate this link For more information and register. Next we demonstrate the Call Annie app for iOS. We then open and learn about the CONBOLA Portable … Read more

Out of Sight

While we always try to bring you some humor in each episode, and this one is no exception, note that there is a very serious topic covered later in today’s podcast. First, though, we mention the cool new Alexa and Google assistant commands we’re now able to use with our RoboRock Q5 vacuum. We even … Read more