More Than Just Your Average Fan

In this episode Chris and Kim demonstrate the Windmill desk fan and why they think it is special. Next they show how they unlocked their bathroom door without the key as it is gone forever. They use the Interior Door Emergency Key purchased from Amazon. finally they demonstrate the Hearkent Atomic Talking Clock. It has … Read more

Flying Out Via Priceline

In this episode Chris and Kim give travel tips to enjoy the season. Next Kim gives a demo of We Are Wild, a site that sells body wash and other beauty products. Finally there is a demo of Be My AI from –

Always Going South

In this shorter episode of the podcast, we have two topics. the first topic is about the Turtleback LV site. This is where we can find the former Executive Products cases for accessible devices. We next talk about Mobile plans such as Visible and US …

Automatically Tuned

This episode is packed with demos we hope you’ll enjoy. Links included in this post are our affiliate links; if you make a purchase from them, we’ll receive a small commission. We never recommend items we don’t use and love ourselves. –

The Girl In The Cave

We begin this episode with some accidental comedy. We mention a topic nobody wants to talk about at all… taxes. While we don’t discuss them in detail in this episode, you can learn more about accessible tax/financial software and apps in this podcast…

Eclipse Fever

Welcome to the podcast. This episode contains two very different topics, and we hope one or both will be of interest to you. – First, though, we want to thank those who attended our free virtual event on getting comfortable with computers.

You Can Use Your VCR

Today’s episode is packed with updates, a demo we hope you’ll enjoy, and the chance to *finally* hang out with us later this month. – Yes, at last, we’re having another free event! This time we’re discussing computers. whether you’re buying one,

A Real Dream

This episode begins with a discussion of online chats. Many of you may remember when chatting with customer service or technical support online was a daunting if not impossible experience. Fortunately, this is no longer the case,

Goodbye Lightning

We begin this episode by updating you on Kim’s progress with her iPhone 14 Pro. Learn how she feels about it after several weeks of constant use, the surprising features she now enjoys, and whether she misses anything about her old iPhone SE.