CCVIP podcast Android v. iPhone Smackdown: The good, bad and ugly

People are passionate about their devices. Whether you use iOS’ VoiceOver features or Android’s accessibility, this episode is for you. Four accessible tech experts debate the virtues and the failings of both phones. CCVIP’s instructors Lynne Tatum and Gus Chalkias take up the pro-iOS side, while Chris Nova from Mystic Access and Dutch computer science … Read more

phases of the moon accessible Android app

In this episode I demonstrate phases of the moon.¬† This is an android app that works great with the talkback screen reader.¬† It is published by Universe today. I also mention the Astronomy Cast and the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. ¬†¬†Both great podcasts that I enjoy.  

Speaking Clock, Tell Me The Time (Android)

In Episode 65 I walk through Tell Me The Time.¬† This is a speaking clock that is fully accessible with Talkback and has a couple unique features.¬† Wave your hand and have it announce the time.¬† Have it announce the time of day such as morning, afternoon, evening or night.    

Talking Dialer, Easy accessible Dialer for Android.

In this podcast I demonstrate Talking Dialer.¬† This is a dialer used on Android.¬† You place your finger anywhere on the screen and that becomes the number 5.¬† To enter a 3 you would slide your finger up and to the right then lift.¬† To enter another number, start the sequence over again.¬† To dial … Read more

Mystic Access Helps Leo Laport, The Tech Guy

In this episode, I talk to Leo Laporte about Assistive Technology on his Tech Guy show.¬† A previous caller asked him if he could get Android phones to read selected text.¬† Leo turns on Talkback and doesn’t know how to turn it off.¬† So I assist him.   I have clipped out the conversation¬† between … Read more

Revisiting Chicken Nugget Accessible Twitter Client.

Lots of things have been added or modified sense the first beta of Chicken Nugget was released.¬† Chicken Nugget is an accessible Twitter client.¬† In this podcast I take you through Chicken Nugget from I also discuss autoread one of my favorite features. Download your copy of Chicken Nugget from    

Introducing SenderoMaps, More than a Map Manager Audio Tutorial

SenderoMaps is a map program that allows you to virtually explore around an area.¬† SenderoMaps is developed by Sendero Group.¬† If you are running BrailleNote GPS or Sense Navigation version 2012 or greater, chances are you already have SenderoMaps. Mystic access is pleased to announce SenderoMaps, More than a Map Manager audio tutorial.¬† This tutorial … Read more