Mystic Access Presents a Conversation with Greg Stilson of Humanware about the BrailleNote Touch

In this episode of the Mystic Access Podcast, we are joined by Greg Stilson, Blindness Products Manager at Humanware.  Greg is excited to tell us about the new BrailleNote Touch.  This is the next generation BrailleNote tablet.  It has the familiarity of both Keysoft and mainstream Android applications.  Yes, you can install and use third … Read more

Demonstrating the Logitech H800 Wireless Headset

Lisa Salinger returns to the Mystic Access Podcast for another episode. In this episode we briefly touch on the progress of the TWBlue tutorial currently in production.   We devote the majority of the episode to Lisa’s’ new Logitech H800 wireless headset. Lisa describes them and talks about why she ended up purchasing this headset, and … Read more

Tek Talk Presentation On Echo Tutorial, TWBlue Tutorial and More

In this episode, Lisa Salinger joins Chris and Kim for a presentation on Accessible Worlds’  Tek Talk. First Kim talks about the Amazon Echo audio tutorial that Mystic Access produced.   Next Lisa talks about the Twitter client TWBlue audio tutorial currently in production. Finally they talk about other tutorials in the pipeline.   This presentation … Read more