My Google Home Mini Will Drown

In this episode we begin by announcing the redesign of the Mystic Access Shop page. We also talk about the removal of the search boxes on both the Shop and Free Downloads pages as we have made the site wide search more intuitive. We briefly talk about the new able player we are using for … Read more

Impulse Buy for The Win

In this episode we begin by sharing some important news for those on our teleclasses mailing list. As a result of some changes we’ve made, you can now subscribe to our teleclasses list not only from the teleclasses page,but also during checkout and from our contact page. Speaking of classes, we have two exciting ones … Read more

Don’t Breathe On The Mini

Today’s episode may be accompanied by the sound of Kim’s birds, as it was a gorgeous spring-like day in NC when we recorded this podcast. It was also Kim’s grandmother’s 88th birthday. We begin the episode by sharing about our free monthly class for March. We’ll be talking about both high and low tech ways … Read more

The Voice Of God Was Screaming At Me

In this episode, the gang is excited to tell you about a trio of newly-released products from Mystic Access. These include Lisa’s mini tutorial on the Apple AirPods, which is available on a sliding scale to fit your budget. Kim is thrilled that her Stress Les , Browse Happy internet navigation tutorial is now available … Read more

In House We Keep Referring To it As The Cookie

In this podcast Chris Kim and Lisa talk a little about the web site maintenance that happened the previous weekend. They announce Apple Pay support for checkout if you have a device that supports Apple Pay. Kim talks about the need to press enter after selecting your country or state during checkout. This is something … Read more

Sleeping On A Block Of Air

Happy New Year… welcome to 2018. We begin by talking about our first free teleclass of the new year… this one will be on Thursday, January 11, and focuses on various ways to keep appointments — from virtual assistants to braille calendars and beyond, there’s sure to be something here to interest you. To learn … Read more