The Woodturner’s Waltz

This episode introduces the new, hopefully much-simplified, Mystic Access multi-step checkout process. Chris shows you what it’s like to check out as both a new and existing customer. We hope this makes your shopping experience with us easier and more …

Snow Cone

In this episode we first provide you with a few important announcements, including items about holiday shipping deadlines and Mystic Access closing dates. We also share our featured product of the month for December,

The Wonders Of Duct Tape

This episode contains our annual recipe / gratitude edition of the podcast. Kim shares this yummy holiday fruit salad, while Lisa joins us to share this simple and tasty pumpkin pie which was a big hit with her family at Thanksgiving dinner. –

Roy G Biv

We have multiple new goodies to share about in todays episode. In addition to the cool new medical products were selling in collaboration with GuideLights and Gadgets, we have three fun new hardware products for the holidays, any or all of which would ma

The Gremlins Are Out

this episode features our colleague Barry Scheur of GuideLights and Gadgets to discuss the newest collaboration between our companies. Were now offering three medical grade talking products including a non-contact thermometer, blood pressure monitor, and

Immersed In The Game

In this episode Chris and Kim first announce the event for October 28 on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. – Next we talk about Chris’s position working with BlindShell. – We than have a discussion on different ways to make your workspace a better …

All That Goes To Health

In this episode Chris discusses a new sleep mask he purchased that has a slleep timer function, and it is accessible. – Chris and Kim then talk about some apps for iOS that can assist in tracking health data. These apps are: FitPort,

The Mystic Access Magic Closet

We begin with a reminder about some upcoming events. On Thursday, September 30, Lisa Salinger joins us for a discussion of the new changes and updates in iOS 15. This is our monthly free event, and is open to everyone. Just make sure youre on our Events

We Couldn’t Even Find Our Kitchen

Were so excited to share about two bran new events happening in October. If youd like to learn various ways to discover, subscribe to, and listen to podcasts on a variety of platforms and through multiple methods, were offering a four-week event packed w

A Little Bit Clippie

we have a special intro to open this weeks episode which we hope youll enjoy. We then jump into a reminder about this weeks upcoming event on entertainment and cleaning options for the smart home. If youre ready to make your home smarter, more convenient