Christmas Blizzard

Welcome to our last podcast of 2022. We begin by announcing the completion and immediate availability of the BlindShell audio documentation. What was suppose to be an eight-hour project became thirteen, and it’s jam-packed with content for both beginni…

Meet Empty

Chris and Kim welcome Lisa to guest host on this episode. Next they have a discussion on robot vacuums. Chris talks about the RoboRock Q5 that Lisa introduced to him. They also talk about the Auto Empty Dock for the Q5. Enter disclaimer text

It Works in The Dark

In this episode Chris and Kim first discuss some new website changes they hope will be beneficial. Next they give their impressions on the iPhone 14 Pro and the reasons for acquiring one. Finally they unbox the Amazon Echo Studio and give their impre…

Charging Your Keys

In this episode Chris and Kim announce the annual black Friday Open House. You can register at htttps:// They then give updates on black Friday sales as well as the BlindShell audio tutorial. –

Cherry Candy

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss what they did when they were recently sick to get medication delivered. They also discuss the features of the new Echo dot 5 and Echo Studio.

Watching Airplanes

In this episode Chris and Kim talk about some website changes. Reward points are back as well as a new notification sound to let customers know a notificatiion/announcement is on the screen. Next they talk about the inaccessibility of the ring app and…

Mystic Access Spooktacular Announcements Edition

In this episode Chris and Kim make a few announcements for this Halloween season. First announcement is the production of a BlindShell classic 2 audio tutorial. This is a pre-order product and is slated to be released on November 15 2022.

AM Transistor Radio

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss their first impressions of the new Apple AirPods pro 2. Enter disclaimer text

Let’s Talk About Sunsets

There’s lots of timely info in today’s episode, plus an exciting interview in the magic castle. First, though some announcements. – First, due to major time constraints and a desire to always provide you the highest quality teaching materials,

The Life Of A Voice Over Person

In this episode Chris and Kim have two follow-ups from last episode. The rest of the show is dedicated to Deanna Johnston, a voice Over and audio discription artest.