Let’s Talk About Sunsets

There’s lots of timely info in today’s episode, plus an exciting interview in the magic castle. First, though some announcements.

First, due to major time constraints and a desire to always provide you the highest quality teaching materials, we’re unfortunately not having a free event during September. We’re already planning the final two free events for 2022, however, and are looking forward to bringing you useful and fun topics for both October and November. Make sure you’re subscribed to our Events announce-only mailing list for all details. You can subscribe on any page of MysticAccess.com by filling your info into the relevant form and checking the appropriate checkbox.

For a number of reasons discussed in depth in the episode, we’re sunsetting (retiring, discontinuing) a few products at end of day Halloween (Monday, October 31, 2022). But first, we’re having a huge sale on them to say good-bye. all these products still have primarily relevant and useful information, and are great tools for beginners or anyone wanting strong foundational knowledge on their topics. Please listen for all details. Click here to get the heavily discounted 1Password 7 audio documentation. Want to get more familiar with the basics of iOS prior to getting that shiny new iPhone? Not sure where to begin your iOS learning at all? Activate this link to receive all our retiring modules as a complete set for fifty percent off, or activate this link to choose from among our sets of audio modules for learning iOS. These sales end when Halloween ends, and that’s no trick.

One final treat of a sale to share about. If you really want an Apple Watch, but want to know all about it before you purchase, our Apple Watch audio documentation is now heavily discounted until November 21. We hope you enjoy these greatdeals to make your learning less stressful and way more fun!

Now we turn from one company with which Chris and Kim have a lot of familiarity to another, this time, Humanware. Peter Tucic and Mathieu Paquette join us for a discussion and demo of the recently released Stellar Trek. While this is a device for navigation, it’s so much more, as you’ll discover during our castle segment. Activate this link to check out a recent Humanware webinar on the subject via YouTube, or click here to research the Stellar Trek via its documentation, video tutorials, and more. We hope you enjoy our talk with Matt and Peter as much as we did.

Thanks, as always, for listening and spreading the word!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Let’s Talk About Sunsets

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