Kind of like Santa Claus

Welcome to our final podcast of 2023. How is that even possible? – We begin by sharing about Kim’s Christmas present from Chris; the Soundcore Frames Bluetooth glasses by Anker. We discuss pairing and connecting,

Little Treasures

Looking for that last-minute stocking stuffer or perfect present? In this episode we’re making our list and checking it twice. No, we aren’t necessarily Santa’s helpers, but we discuss several items we’ve purchased during the past year that we think ma…

A Pretty Good Achievement

Welcome to the 300th episode of the Mystic Access podcast! Wow! We begin by delving into a little of the podcast’s history, Kim’s involvement, and how excited we are to have hit this very cool milestone. –

Calorie Free

Welcome to our annual food edition! Our friend and former co-host Lisa Salinger joins us to share in all things delicious. Get ready for fun, laughter, and easy recipes to love both during the holiday season and throughout the year.

When Everything Goes Wrong

Happy Halloween, everyone. To finish off the spooky season, we reminisce about favorite costumes from our pasts, fond Halloween memories, and Halloween mishaps. We bet this segment brings back fun memories for you, too. –

A Twix Girl

In today’s episode we begin by sharing our spooky finds for the Halloween season, including coffee mugs and animated friends. All our new goodies are from Target’s Hide and Eek Boutique Collection. Have you done or purchased anything for enjoying spook…

Couples Rules

In this episode we share about our trip to the Apple store. While we went there to help out a family member, we ended up coming home with goodies for ourselves, too. We talk about our impressions of the experience, the items we purchased,

Over the Moon

We have two demos in this episode that we hope will be useful and fun for you. First, Chris explains why he bought a pair of Bluetooth glasses and demos how they work with both the Stellar Trek from HumanWare and his iPhone 14 Pro.

Superman is on The Sub

This action-packed episode begins with some updates. Chris shares an exciting announcement about AB Commander, a really cool file manager/explorer replacement that we discussed in our last episode. Kim also shares that the course-buying site she talked…

I Can Learn to Bake a Pie

What can you learn from this podcast episode? Well, quite a lot, actually. Chris introduces you to three handy pieces of software; a file manager, a file encrypting utility, and a neat folder manager that can also temporarily make your files disappear …