Superman is on The Sub

This action-packed episode begins with some updates. Chris shares an exciting announcement about AB Commander, a really cool file manager/explorer replacement that we discussed in our last episode. Kim also shares that the course-buying site she talked about last time, Udemy, regularly holds big sales where you can learn about topics of interest at amazing prices. So if you’re interested, stay tuned to their app or site.

We devote most of the episode to discussing our vacation and all the amazing local discoveries we made. We discuss how we planned ahead to receive assistance at the places we visited, how that worked, transportation to/from, and most importantly, all the cool experiences we had and people we met along the journey. If you want to learn more, especially if you’re in/hope to visit Western NY, here are links to the places we visited, all of which we definitely highly recommend for education and fun!
Buffalo Naval Park
Buffalo River History Tours
Liberty Hound (restaurant)
Buffalo History Museum
Buffalo History Museum Podcast
Buffalo Museum of Science

The Naval Park and Museum of Science both have YouTube channels, as well, which you may enjoy. There’s also a really cool virtual tour on the Naval Park site that may be interesting to ship lovers in general. Fascinating stuff. We took the tour before we went and found them incredibly educational about the vessels we were going to see.

Happy September, everyone, and thanks for listening and spreading the word about us. We appreciate you.

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Mystic Access Podcast
Superman is on The Sub

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