Another Ulterior Motive

Thanks for joining us for this episode.
We start by reminding listeners of our tentative Orbit class. It is currently on pre-order until September 15, 2020. Check out the above link for more details.

Next we announce the winners of the contest we had in the last episode. We show listeners the feature we were looking for and discuss why we thought it was a good idea. We also demonstrate the country and state fields in our checkout process.

Chris demonstrates AVG Secure VPN under android to show it’s accessibility. He also discusses but doesn’t demonstrate Avast secureLine VPN as well as purchase Ten device licenses of both [amazon text=Avast&asin=B07WMT9P3P] and [amazon text=AVG&asin=B07WFQSHC9] from Amazon.

Finally Kim demonstrates her new [amazon text=3 in 1 EverPlus bluetooth Sleep Headphones&asin=B088LR8C8P]. She enjoys the sound and the fact they are bluetooth. No wires!

Here is a link to the podcast where Kim discusses her now discontinued Hibermate Sleep Headphones & Sleeping Mask.
Thanks so much for listening we appreciate you.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Another Ulterior Motive

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