Aroma Therapy For Your Phone

If you’re interested in cleaning your house, being good to the environment, sterilizing your phone, or learning about a super cool new braille tablet, there’s something in today’s episode for you.

We begin by sharing about the incredible new braille tablet we’re proud to distribute, the InsideOne. created by Insidevision, this is a Windows 10 tablet with both JAWS and NVDA preinstalled, an imbeded tactile braille keyboard, and a gorgeous 32-cell braille display on the front. We include a 10+ minute insert here to share more about it and demo a few features.

Our recent virtual event exploring the InsideOne was so popular that we’re holding it again on Thursday, June 4, at 8:30 PM eastern. Please listen for all the details you’ll need to join, or visit this link.

If you’re interested in getting all your essentials in one convenient place, and keeping your house, body and beauty routine clean while being conscious of the environment, you may enjoy Kim’s site tour of Discover how you can find products with ease, learn about their ingredients and usage instructions, and sign up for free shipping on all your favorites with the VIP program. Kim is excited to try this site herself, and was happy to share about it with all of you.

Finally, Chris demos our new talking ultraviolet phone sanitizer, now available for purchase. The voice prompts allow you to use this neat little device safely and easily. And it will sanitize so much more than your phone — keys, cash, credit cards, jewelry, and more can be cleaned in its compartment. we hope you enjoy the demo.

Thanks, as always, for listening!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Aroma Therapy For Your Phone

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