AVG Event Sounds, Christmas gifts and Retraction

In today’s episode, Chris and Kim begin by publicly retracting their contest.  We wish to apologize, and are excited to share that we are beginning a new and improved contest whose winner will receive the Sharkk Bluetooth speaker and audio tutorial.  This contest is accessible to many people, as we are running it via Twitter.  To enter, mention us in a tweet (our Twitter user name is mysticaccess), and tell us why you want to be the winner of the Sharkk speaker.  We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, December 15, and announce their Twitter user name on the podcast.  Please email or call us after the announcement to claim your Sharkk.

Chris is excited to share about how one can change the sounds associated with the AVG antivirus utility.  He shares about the process using his star Wars sounds as an example, and then he and Kim discuss the various ways one can configure the AVG sounds to meet any taste or sound preference.

Chris and Kim have already bought each other their Christmas presents.  They share some about their gifts, and Kim shares some plans for her new present that may appear in the Mystic access podcast in the coming year.  Listen to find out more.
Chris and Kim then discuss some of their upcoming tutorials.  Early in the new year, Mystic Access will be releasing tutorials on the Scooba 450 mop, the Amazon Echo, Audible.com and the Chicken Nugget Twitter client.  We’re looking forward to sharing our new goodies with the world early in 2016!
Kim then shares about the upcoming Encouragement corner podcasts she’s planning to begin in the next week or so.  What is an Encouragement corner?  Kim explains.  You can hear what an Encouragement corner may potentially sound like in the sample played in this episode.  This sample is taken from our Victor Reader Stream New Generation audio tutorial.

Speaking of encouragement, Kim shares a little about her journey in learning to use her new Vario Ultra 20 braille display, and how she’s liking the display so far.

Thanks for listening!  We appreciate you!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
AVG Event Sounds, Christmas gifts and Retraction

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