Create Your Stash Your Way!

We start out this episode with some timely announcements.

First is a final reminder that our Orbit Reader live event starts on Thursday. We are taking registrations for the event until 5:00 PM ET on October 8, the day of the event.

Thanks to a listener, Chris gives a workaround for those that are downloading audio from our Free Downloads page using iOS devices.

Next we discuss how future free events will work moving forward and how we will be able to get the recordings out in a timely manor.

There is a surprise in this episode that could save you a little money on Mystic Access products, so definitely continue to listen.

Next, Chris demonstrates Linkstash, a powerful stand alone bookmark manager for Windows computers. You can use this manager with one browser or if you make use of multiple web browsers. You can learn more about Linkstash and download a 30 day trial by activating this link.

If you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, or just want a super gift for yourself, we insert the audio sample of the latest and greatest Bluetooth speaker we’re now carrying. If you own our Sharkk that is sadly no more, this speaker sounds about three times better. It’s truly amazing. Listen to the sample, and check out all the specs / make your purchase here.

Finally, Chris takes us through Steve’s Talking Clock, a talking clock for Windows computers. It brings back memories with some of the add-on clocks Chris has installed. One of the clocks is the voice of Chris’s first talking watch.

Thanks so much for being a podcast listener.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Create Your Stash Your Way!

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