Do You Have A Dungeon Or Throne Mindset?

Kim begins this episode by announcing the free virtual event for June, Eight Ways to Enter Text on Your iOS Device. The event will be held on June 21 at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Subscribers to our Events list will receive the joining information.

We will be presenters on Tek Talk in the Pat Price Tek Talk Training Room on June 25, 2018 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time discussing the Braille Me braille display from Innovision. This is a low-cost, twenty-cell display with some basic notetaking functionality. Come join us to learn about the features, our perceived pros and cons, and more. Bring your questions.

Lisa reminds listeners about two recently released products. Our extensive product on cutting the cord accessibly is called Discovering Terrific TV Content for Less — Cutting The cord with Blindness or Low Vision.

Our companion product Entertainment in a Small Box — A Tour of the Roku Streaming Device demonstrates the user interface and accessibility features of the Roku devices. If you are interested in what the Roku can do, consider this product as a great jumping off point. The Entertainment in a Small Box — A Tour of the Roku Streaming Device product is Pay Your Own Price. This allows you to pay what you feel the product is worth. The minimum price is $9.97.

To wrap up the podcast, it is Kim’s turn to enter the Mystic Access Magic castle. Learn how Kim’s interest in technology blossomed, why she began teaching assisting technology, and some fun trivia about her personal interests and hobbies.

This series spotlights more about the Mystic Access team members and who they are as individuals. As we often stress, we’re people just like you, and our Castle interviews help you get to know us a bit more personally. To listen to the episode where Chris was interviewed in the Castle, please click here.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks as always for being a listener.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Do You Have A Dungeon Or Throne Mindset?

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