Don’t Touch That Dial

This episode begins with our announcement of August’s free class, which demonstrated the power and productivity of Chromebooks. What’s a Chromebook and why might you want one? The event recording is now available, and you can download it here to learn more. We’ll soon have new audio documentation available about Chromebooks, demonstrating all that they can offer. It’s available for preorder now, and Chris is hard at work to bring you something fabulous. Learn more and preorder your Chromebook audio documentation here.

By the time you hear this episode, we’ll be about to teach our third week of the acquainting Yourself with Android class. Registration for new participants is closed, but if you missed the opportunity to join, don’t worry. This class will be turned into a DAISY and MP3 audio product when the class has completed, and you can learn more and put your name on the waitlist here.

We’d love to have your opinion on something we’re considering here at Mystic Access. Many people have expressed interest in having written transcriptions of our audio tutorials. Often, we do learn differently from written documentation, and for those who are deafblind, this would be a way to experience our products. Want to see an example? Our Brailliant BI 14 audio documentation is transcribed, and you can download that here. Do you feel that transcriptions would benefit you? We’d love to know! Please fill out our latest poll to provide your thoughts. Thanks so much for your help.

Next, Lisa makes a podcast appearance to tell us about a nifty goody she recently purchased called a climb cart. Learn about what it is and how she uses it in this demo. she ordered it via Shipt, and if you aren’t currently a Shipt member, you can use this link to sign up. This is Lisa’s personal referral link, and by signing up via the link, you save 50% off a yearly membership. Mystic Access doesn’t benefit if you sign up using this link.

We recently said good-bye to our Sharkk Aura headpones, which brought enjoyment to a lot of customers. We’re happy to report that we’re restocking our hardware department with several new speakers and headphones, however, in addition to other goodies. We share two of our new speakers today. The first is a speaker not much bigger than a quarter that produces amazing sound for its size. It’s available for preorder at this link.

The other new speaker we demo in this episode is very, well, retro. It features an FM radio with an analog tuner, the ability to play from SD cards and USB flash drives, and Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Kim showed it to her mom, who dreamily said it reminded her of something she had at 16–and if you want Kim living and breathing for the next podcast, don’t ask when that was. Anyway, you can learn more and preorder yours here.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Don’t Touch That Dial

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