From Eggs To Braille

In this episode, Chris, Kim and Lisa announce they are using Zoom for podcast recording as well as conducting classes.
Chris tells and demonstrates a workaround for QCast to once again play the Mystic Access Podcast in the QCast client.

Kim and Lisa remind us about two upcoming teleclasses.
On August 31, Lisa will be conducting a class comparing the VarioUltra and Orbit Reader 20. Kim reminds us of the free teleclasses page and mailing list.

She reminds us of her Your Web Site Your Way class. This class starts on September 6 and lasts for 6 weeks. You can view more details and purchase the class below:

We switch from Web sites to eggs as Chris demonstrates the Henrietta Hen Chirping Egg Cooker and Poacher device from the Speak To Me Catalog. This device looks like a hen and can hard boil eggs.

Finally Chris Kim and Lisa enter The Mystic Access Magic Castle to speak with Gail Smith from Braille Smith to talk about Braille. How Gail got started. We also learn a little about Braille Smith’s print services. In an earlier episode of the Mystic Access podcast, Chris talks about Braille Smith.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
From Eggs To Braille

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