I’m Not A Human

Today’s episode contains discussion about older tech, newer tech, and a blooper that turned into the show title.

We begin by discussing some impoortant (and hopefully very helpful) changes to our sites, particularly MysticAccessPodcast.com and MysticAccess.com. We hope they’ll make your browsing and, when desired, shopping experience much more pleasant. We also give you a look behind the curtain of what it’s like to host your own complex site with lots of moving parts, including databases and themes, both of which we talk about briefly. We hope this portion of the episode proves insightful.

Next, Kim shares her recent experience with HCaptcha. She was refcently introduced to this particular captcha thanks to Ebay. We’ll be updating you about this when she can determine whether her antivirus program is, in fact, eating her HCaptcha security cookie.

Speaking of security, Chris takes us on a tour of the Avast web browser. Yes, this is the same Avast that creates antivirus software. Chris demonstrates his trial of the browser’s professional version, but many features can be enjoyed absolutely free. One great feature you can’t get in the free browser version is the browser VPN. What is a VPN and why should you care? We explain and show you how to enable and disable this one.

Finally, Kim drops some news about upcoming Mystic projects. Thanks to everyone who shared their enthusiastic input and suggestions! we can’t wait to share these audios with you in the coming months.

Thanks, as always, for listening!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
I’m Not A Human

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