Impulse Buy for The Win

In this episode we begin by sharing some important news for those on our teleclasses mailing list. As a result of some changes we’ve made, you can now subscribe to our teleclasses list not only from the teleclasses page,but also during checkout and from our contact page.

Speaking of classes, we have two exciting ones coming up soon. Our free monthly teleclass for March is Read All About It, where we’ll be sharing high and low tech methods for discovering accessible books, magazines and more. The class will be held on Thursday, March 22. For all the relevantjoining info, please subscribe to our teleclass list from the Teleclasses Page link above.

In April, Chris and Kim are excited to be holding a class on cutting the cord for those who are blind or have low vision. It will run for three consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning April 24. For all the information and to register for $39, please visit this page.

We have a very important announcement for those who access our podcast using a second generation Victor Stream. Some of these listeners running firmware version 4.86 or earlier may not be receiving our latest episodes. Humanware can provide you with pre-release firmware that will resolve this issue. Please use this link to find the Humanware contact info for your country. If you run into problems, please call or email us and we’ll be happy to help. If you know someone who may not be receiving our podcasts, please pass this info on to them. We want everyone to be able to access our fun and informative episodes.

We have two demos in this episode. First, Kim shares the first part of her tour. If you’ve ever been frustrated, confused or lost when viewing our website, this thorough tour will help. This is the first part… the second part of the tour will be in our next episode.

Finally, if you detest having to go to the grocery store as much as Chris does, he may have found a wonderful solution for you. It’s called Instacart, and Chris shows us how it works and why he thinks it’s so cool.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks for listening.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Impulse Buy for The Win

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