In House We Keep Referring To it As The Cookie

In this podcast Chris Kim and Lisa talk a little about the web site maintenance that happened the previous weekend.

They announce Apple Pay support for checkout if you have a device that supports Apple Pay.
Kim talks about the need to press enter after selecting your country or state during checkout. This is something new because of the much needed site upgrades.

Lisa announces the availability of her AirPods tutorial that is a name your own price.
Kim talks about the Stress Less, Browse Happy tutorial to be released on February 5th. You can pre-order and it will be in your account on the day of release.

Lisa talks about a new speaker and tutorial she is working on to be released the week of February 5th.
Kim also announces the upcoming class for February. The Sound Of Sonos. To learn more join the teleclass list.

Speaking of classes Lisa demonstrates the Lifetime Magnetic Braille Calendar that was mentioned in the January class.
Finally Chris does a demonstration of SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader from Dolphin Computer Access.
SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader containes magnification, speech and braille as well as other unique features found only in the /dolphin products.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
In House We Keep Referring To it As The Cookie

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