It Was So Dead It Couldn’t Ding

Welcome to another episode. We’re actually ahead of the eight ball this month, as we’re happy to announce June’s free class already. This one is about travel and leisure in the time of, hopefully, heading towards post Covid. What do you need to travel safely? How do you know when to wear a mask? We’ll discuss the accessibility of travel and transportation, as well. For all the information you’ll need to join us, please make sure you’re signed up for our free Events one-way mailing list. All events are held on Zoom. A recording will hopefully be available pretty quickly afterwards.

Also remember that you can use coupon code “spring” without the quotes to save ten percent on most Mystic Access products. This code ends promptly at the time of the Summer Solstice on June 20.

Have you experienced having no speech when restarting your Apple watch? We have, too, and we discuss this nasty bug and its fix in detail. We certainly hope this is resolved quickly.

Kim takes you on a tour of a cool snack / pantry site, Snackathon Foods. It has a huge variety of options, highly affordable prices, and free shipping options. Check out the demo and our thoughts.

Please be sure to listen through the end of this week’s episode, as we have a very important discussion about our products and their continued relevance.

Thanks so much for listening and spreading the word!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
It Was So Dead It Couldn’t Ding

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