It’s Raining On The Train

Happy July. Today’s episode is all about comfort, tranquility and having more balance in your life. To support you in that, we have a couple timely announcements. On Thursday, July 16, we’re holding an open house between 1-5 PM Eastern Time. This is a fun way to meet us in an informal setting, get your questions answered, chat with other Mystic Access community members, and have some laughs in a relaxed environment. Joining is free, and you’re welcome to come for just a few minutes or stay for the entire party. Please note that this will not be recorded. Please view this page for all the joining details. You’ll also find all of our crazy convention sales there, too, which last through the end of Saturday, July 18.

On Thursday, July 30, we’ll be holding our free monthly event. If you want to make sure you keep safe this summer while still having some fun during this difficult time, you may find this discussion useful. We’ll share a little about our experiences being out and about during Covid, some things to possibly expect, and a check list of items you may want to keep handy while you’re out. We’ll also be making product recommendations, and sharing a few ways to reduce your stress while staying home. Here’s all the info you’ll need to join us:

Feel free to share this event with others whom you feel would be interested. Everyone is welcome.

Chris is feeling particularly comfortable during this episode. [amazon text=He discusses and demos his fancy new AeroBed,&asin=b07smbk55x] which comes with a wealth of options and features. Chris demos some of the functions.

Now that you’re all cozy and tucked in bed, how about something to help you get a good night’s sleep? Kim demos the Slumber app for iOS. The above link is to the Slumber site where you also get on the waiting list for the Android version. She discusses what she loves about this app, demos a few audio tracks, and shares what she feels makes this sleep app special as compared to some others out there. Note that while you can upgrade to premium, there are tracks that can be enjoyed for free.

Finally, what if you want to monitor the quality and length of your sleep? Chris shows the NapBot app, available for iOS. There is a watch app available, and Chris demos the info found in both the watch and phone apps.

We hope you enjoyed this episode, and we’ll look forward to bringing you another one towards the end of July. Until then, happy convention-going, and sweet dreams afterwards.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
It’s Raining On The Train

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