Like DAISY for Podcasts

In this podcast we welcome the arrival of podcast chapters. This will allow players that support them the ability to skip around, like a DAISY book.

Next we discuss our latest paid product Delicious Eats and More, Direct to Your Door This product discusses food delivery services.

Chris and Kim than announce May’s class about the HableOne. This is a small device used to control your iOS and Android devices while they are in a pocket or otherwise not available.
This month we are requiring registration so activate this link to register as we think it will be a popular event.
Next we have a discussion about reading Braille, how can one learn to read faster? Looking for listener feedback.

We than jump into the Magic Castle and talk to Barry from GuideLights and Gadgets about the new Evo 12.
Finally we do a short description and demonstration of the Evo 12. We describe button locations, navigate the menus and show off the voices.
Thanks for being a listener, we hope you enjoy the new chapter support.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Like DAISY for Podcasts

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