We begin 2020 with some updates from our last couple podcast episodes. We start by discussing updates to the Disney+ apps, and Lisa and our impressions of the new features and layout.

Lisa next updates us on her Christmas mint-making activities, and reminds you that they can be made for all sorts of occasions, not just the end of year holidays. We then share details of Chris’s upcoming Birthday sale, so if you want to save some cash for Chris’s special day, be sure to listen for all the details of when it is and how much you’ll save.

We next update you on a fabulous new feature that recently came to the Blind Shell phone. We also share about the cool ways you can use many of the phone’s features with your voice.

Speaking of voices, if you’re interested in learning about the various places where you can get audio description for some of your favorite movies and TV shows, and how to enable audio description on your services of choice, our free monthly class for January will give you all the details. Join Chris, Kim and Lisa on Thursday, January 30, 2020, for a lively discussion, and, of course, bring your questions to class. To receive all the joining info, make sure you’re on our free Events mailing list, which you can subscribe to from any page of our website.

Finally, we discuss one of our favorite apps, available for both iOS and Android, which can provide you with plenty of motivation and inspiration for all those New Year’s goals. We highly recommend it both for its content and accessibility.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks for listening!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast

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