Never Say Never

Because it’s a bran new year we wanted to focus on ways to renew yourself in today’s episode. But first, we have some special announcements. The Mystic Access shop now has the ability to tell you whether you’ve purchased a product in the past, so you won’t accidentally buy it again unless you intend to. Just read carefully when you’re adding products to your cart to make sure you’re not re-purchasing something by mistake. More details are shared in the episode.

Our podcast site now has its very own tip jar. If you aren’t really interested in our audio documentation or other products, but enjoy the podcast and wish to tip us to support all the hard work that goes into producing each episode you may now do so here.

Finally, we also have a new event that many of you are already super excited about. Learn to successfully connect and interact with others, discover those who share your interest, and protect yourself while using Facebook. Kim discusses how the event works, more about what you’ll learn, and how you can get an even more incredible price on this already affordable event if you act quickly.

Next, Chris discusses the highly-accessible food and exercise tracking app MyPlate, which you can learn more about on this page. While he shows the iOS version, a version is available for Android, too. We talk about why we like it, its many benefits, and, of course, its layout using VoiceOver.

Speaking of exercise, Kim gives a brief overview and tour of the Walk At Home system and app. This app offers a wealth of material and a fairly pleasant user experience on iOS, except in one key area which Kim demonstrates. The app is also available for Android. Learn more and sign up for a plan at the link above.

Finally, we discuss our new Winter purchase, a Snow Joe® snow thrower. Why do we think it’s so great? Listen to find out.

As always, thanks so much for listening! Happy 2022!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Never Say Never

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