Out of Sight

While we always try to bring you some humor in each episode, and this one is no exception, note that there is a very serious topic covered later in today’s podcast.

First, though, we mention the cool new Alexa and Google assistant commands we’re now able to use with our RoboRock Q5 vacuum. We even show one command in action.

Next, we talk about our recent experience of getting maintenance and repares done inside our house. If you’re unsure how to choose a repare company, how you may be treated, and what to do to avoid a badly done job, we have tips to help. Finding a reliable company is much easier than it once was, and Chris shares a story to demonstrate that fact. You need a little know-how and some equipment, but this is definitely a task you can conduct quite independently these days, especially if you have access to a visual interpreting service.

Before we cover our most serious topic of the day, we share about our new multi-step checkout process now available on Mystic access. we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

Finally, we talk about scams and scammers. How do they try to part you from your money? How can you see the pitfalls quickly so you can run fast and far away? What are warning signs and red flags to look out for? Here are a couple great YouTube channels to check out so you can begin to learn how some scams work. Note, many videos regularly include strong language, and there is occasionally sexual content.
Kit Boga
Boda Scambaits
Harvey Dent

Stay safe out there!

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Mystic Access Podcast
Out of Sight

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